Pride Conference


When a guy is pressuring you on the first date or just after a few dates to have sex with him. This my dear girl, is a red flag. He is just after your body period. Love or a relationship is far from his mind.

Most girls complain that guys stop seeing them after a few dates because they will not sleep with them. Truth be told girl; you are better off without the guy. He most likely would have walked after you have let him have what he was after. Don’t be tempted to give yourself to a guy just because you think that will make him loyal to you.

There are several guys who want sex, and if they don’t get it, they walk away. Girl, this is their own hang-up, not yours. Experience has shown me that guys respect and value girls who have strong moral characters and discipline. They may not like it because it stands in their way of their satisfying their sexual peccadilloes with the girl, however, they do admire and respect such girls.

Yes, sex is important in a relationship but it is not a glue to keep the relationship in place. And from where I am sitting, sex is best when in a committed and stable relationship.



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