Pride Conference


My dear daughter,

We can be so busy living our lives that we are not aware of how we are living life. I advise that you sometimes pause and apprise how you are living life. Focus on yourself and look back through your life. Is there some passion you wish to pursue but have not because you have been so busy living your life?

Honestly dear, I feel it is very important to step back from our daily tasks and take a close look at ourselves. No matter how your life has been so far, are you comfortable with where you are in your life? Are you happy to be where you are now?

I am sure that at times in your life you might have felt broken, but I hope what I taught you from childhood was of help to you – that you should have faith that everything will be okay. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems. I believe that the struggles you might have faced in your life or are facing now are tests which lead to a new story or a new song of victory.

My beloved daughter, I am sure you will accomplish much with your life. Continue to focus and continue to create amazing “music”, moving forward with the symphony of life.

Love you always.



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