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This is the fourth part of a 5-part series of articles written in a male column addressed to the sisters. The author sees it as a reverse way of talking to the brothers to mend their ways in matters concerning the heart where the sisters are concerned

My dear sisters, why do some girls seem to be under the spell of a guy they are dating, behaving as if they have taken leave of their senses where the guy is concerned?

The guy only calls you to come and see him or comes over to your place when he wants to satiate his animal instincts. He does not take you out to dinner or to parties giving you one cockamamie excuse or the other. You swallow all this nonsense for what? Girl, have you really taken leave of your senses? Wisen up girl, the reason he does this is that he does not want to be seen with you for reasons best known to him.

One of the reasons is that he has someone else who is important in his life that he has placed on a pedestal and worships. You are just someone he fools around with.

Does he post your pictures on his Facebook page? And if you post pictures of you as a couple on your own page does he ask that you desist from doing so? Girl, can’t you see that he is not proud of you and you don’t mean much to him. Sister, delete him from your life, not just on social media platforms.

Why am I sure that you are not going to take my advice and get rid of this man? Because you seem to be under his spell! Sister, you need to snap out of it! You have to sit down and truthfully appraise the position you have found yourself with this creature from hell who is just using you and toying with your emotions. You have to say and agree with yourself that you have self-esteem and deserve to be loved and cared for with respect and empathy. That you deserve better and will let go and be by yourself rather than suffer the humiliation he is meting out to you.

Don’t let any pecuniary gains he is offering you deter you from letting go of bad rubbish, if this is the case. The truth about life is that no one is indispensable. And we have to let go for new opportunities to manifest in our lives.

Don’t let the fear of being alone make you put up with bad rubbish. You are better alone and sane than carrying on with a man whose actions may leave you a bitter mental wreck in the end.

Believe me girl, there is nothing but sadness and sorrow in being someone’s side chick.

Christopher Onyewuchi


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