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Claire Chizia, Pride Women Conference work relationships and marriage in the 21st Century, Female woman emotional wellbeing
Chairperson at Pride Women Conference 2017: Claire Chizia

Speech delivered by the Chairman of the Occasion Ms. Claire Chizea at the Pride Women Conference 2017.


I decided to carry out a little research on the topic, to avoid making too much of a fool of myself something we all dread, but most importantly to find out if science or feminists have discovered some changes in the human anatomy from what it has been, for I am a Woman, Not a Feminist!! Alas no such mutations or changes have been discovered. Studies only show, that women now compete with men, on the number of heart attacks, strokes, etc.


NEED for this Conference. The holy books and traditions teach us that women have always worked, in health, real estate, fashion, finance, industry, agriculture, judiciary, military, all professions that exists today, and the greatest of all home builders – keeping the fabric of society together. It seems the 21st century woman has a crisis here from the prolonged din from feminist alternative narratives. When women fail or are challenged, the society fails. I believe that work is not the problem of the 21st century woman, but her refusal to operate the God-given manual for successful existence. The women of yore succeeded, because they worked according to specification, and their reward comes from the home. As the poem of praise in the Bible’s Book of Proverbs tells us, such a woman is honored and praised at the “City Gate” by her children and husband. The creator’s only instruction, after creating man and woman and putting them in a home is to be fruitful, multiply and take care of their home. The first record of work in my opinion was Eve going to look for food for her husband, where the snake saw her. The snake is still busy it seems.


Who or what do we follow? God only is independent and self-sufficient. Man and woman are fashioned to create a healthy, mutually beneficial union. The difference in both sexes teaches appreciation, love, and caring. The source of the making of both sexes ensures complete understanding from the internal and external perspectives. God in His wisdom made two complementary beings to fulfill each other and further creation. It is counterproductive to force an identical identity. What helps a man will not help a woman. To grow, we need another person. To maximize growth, the two must be different. The modern woman wants to change the rules, exchange roles, while keeping what she considers to be woman, this I think is the problem.


Womanhood. Our career is not us. Raising a child is different from maintaining one. A home is man, woman raising, teaching a new creature a child how to survive emotionally and physically. Success is not dependent on the value of work, but how our home functions. When our children and husband praise us at the City Gate, we are successful. We misuse our power to rule the world by chasing an illusive identity and dream. The hand that rocks the cradle… rules the world. The mother has the greatest influence on a child. Mother Mary introduced Jesus as a miracle worker to the world. As clothes provide comfort, warmth and security makes one look good, that’s how the relationship between husband and wife should be. Surah 2:187. Work on your God-given rights as stated in the Bible and the Koran. The love story between Khadijah and the Prophet is worthy of emulation. Be the woman your husband sings Proverbs 31:10-31 to; for 1 Timothy 3:11, Titus 2:4-5 is our pathway to happy home, irrespective of our work. I hope this conference will lead us to answer some determinant critical questions: Why did I marry? What vows did I take at my marriage? Are we looking for self and public idolizations? Do we want to be our husband’s best friend? Do we want to be cherished and loved by our family? What is our purpose? To receive praise at the city gate by the public or be loved, praised and honored at the city gate by our family? The choice is yours. Choose wisely.



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