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Molded in Baby Sacks

Before we could walk, run or swim, our mothers carried us on their backs. This is how most African women carry their young despite modern hacks.

On their backs we followed them to the river, where we observed them assist each other and also learnt how to be a cheerful giver.

Women who were simple by nature and did their best to teach us our culture. Yes we may not have had enough but never did they fail to give our body’s requisite nurture.

As babies moving on their backs we never saw our front yet did we hardly ever grunt, for our mothers made sure the path was safe. It is their maternal instinct that paved the way for the people we three are today. Molded in baby sacks we were formed like potters fashioning vessel of honour from lumps of clay.

Happy Children’s Day.

Painting Courtesy of Brilliant Brush Galleries 




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