Pride Conference


My beloved daughter,

In life you need to have a good sense of self-awareness. You also have to develop and maintain a good degree of self-confidence. Think highly of yourself. Never diminish yourself by not expressing your opinion, being oversensitive and being quiet so as to blend in, to belong, to fit in, to make the right impression, to make people like you, to be wanted, or to conform to what other people think you should be.

You will be changing your personality if you are not being yourself or true to your real character. You should always strive to be you and not someone’s idea of you.

You are a unique creation of the universe. You matter, your truth matters, your feelings matter, your opinion matters, your voice matters. With or without anyone’s approval or permission, you must be who you are and live your truth, even if it makes them uncomfortable.

Choose to live on your own terms, blazing your own trail. Choose to honor your feelings and emotions. Choose to make self-love and self-care your mantra.

Choose to think highly of yourself, and live your life on your own terms.

Love you always.


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