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My dear daughter,

I read somewhere that “beauty is what we do and say and how we feel, it is not how we look.” I was taken by the succinct truth in this remark, and I wanted to pass this knowledge to you.

Now my dear, why is this the case? You may meet someone and are instantly attracted to them, but once they open their mouth to say something, or do something, you are turned off before you can spell “attracted”. You are repelled by who they are, as though the person has a bad body odour. You would even avoid being associated with the person.

On the other hand, you may meet someone and are not attracted to them due to their physical appearance, which in your estimation is ordinary, and then, they open their mouth to say something, or do something, and before you can spell “beauty,” the person turns into the most attractive person you have ever encountered, and you want to be associated with and be close to them. Why is this? This is because, beauty is what we do and say and how we feel.

But then, if beauty is about what we do and say and how we feel, how come the beauty industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars a year? Why do people spend so much money to look attractive?

Perhaps, the industry is phenomenally successful because we do not trust how beautiful each and every one of us truly is on the inside. Some of us do not trust the extraordinary beauty we all have, and endure verbal, physical and emotional abuse. If we continue to peg enormous amounts of energy into looking attractive, and not focus on the immense beauty we have within, we can lose much of our humanity and our worth as human beings. We all know of lovers even after 40 years of being together, are still very much in love. This is not because of how they look, but because of how they feel – the acknowledgement of the beautiful within, that affirms we are deserving love, kindness and respect.

My daughter you are a beautiful woman, please, please, please do not let anyone make you feel or think otherwise.

Love you always.



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