Pride Conference


My beloved daughter,

I do not want you to think that life is a bed of roses. Even if it was a bed of roses, roses have loads of thorns. Life is tough and difficult, and the journey through it has many twists and turns. Whenever you embark on a “journey” in your life, taking a certain road or course, if you find out that it will not take you to your destination, be decisive, stop and check your “road map” and make sure you change and head in the right direction that will take you to your destination. Don’t vacillate or be indecisive when heading in a direction leading you to nowhere hoping it will turn out ok.

Because of the many twist and turns you will encounter – note the definitive words – “will encounter” not “may encounter” as you journey through life, you have to be resilient – You don’t need to fall apart or break down because of the obstacles you encounter. I am sure you have heard the statement – ‘When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”.

My daughter, you are made of sterner stuff, stand very tall and be bold. Be very clear that this is who you are. However, never overrate yourself, be very clear about your strengths and weakness and make sure you work to minimise your weaknesses and build on your strengths. Work at making all your skill sets exceptional so that wherever you find yourself you stand out because of your excellence.

Love you always.





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