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The Hearts As One Awards aims to recognise the power of love to move mountains and achieve the impossible. When two hearts unite as one and are driven by a shared purpose, working together in unison and harmony, the impossible is made possible.

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However, this is easier said than done. Couples who are married for a while will be the first to tell you that the institution is not an easy one. Given the challenges of marriage, when you take it further by going into business with your partner, you are really fishing in troubled waters. Being both marriage and business partners can put enormous strain on the marriage and even cripple it, with conflicts in the business if not well-managed spilling over to the home. Trust is a very major ingredient for a successful marriage. Couples who have successfully run jointly-owned businesses often have enormous trust in each other.


It is with this in mind that the organisers of the Hearts As One Awards consider it a worthwhile venture to reward life partners who have committed to make the “impossible possible” by living and working together in peace, harmony and love despite the challenges and ups and downs.

The Hearts As One Awards showcases the fact that couples can be both loving partners and business partners.

Married couples who are living harmoniously and with the added responsibility of being business partners should be applauded for their faith and trust in each other. Couples who have been able to navigate and surmount the challenges of being married and working together need to be held up as shining examples of what can be achieved when two hearts truly beat as one.




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