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Tewa Onasanya

Tewa Onasanya

Publisher and mindset stylist

Tewa Onasanya is a publisher, mindset stylist and philanthropist. She holds a BSc in Pharmacology from the University of Portsmouth, UK and is the Founder/CEO of Exquisite Magazine Services Ltd, the publishers of Exquisite Magazine – a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine for women.

Exquisite Magazine organises an annual cancer walk aimed at increasing awareness of cervical and breast cancer and free screening for people. In 2009, Exquisite Magazine started a female-only awards ceremony called the Exquisite Ladies of the Year (ELOY) Awards. The ELOY Awards, which holds every last Sunday in November, celebrates women of excellence in different fields who are empowering, motivating and inspiring others. Tewa Onasanya also started a tea party in 2005 that brings women together to network and communicate.

With her wealth of experience as an entrepreneur, publisher, mindset stylist, as well as the transferable skills acquired from her degree in Pharmacology, Tewa Onasanya is often invited to and gives presentations at seminars and conferences. Tewa Onasanya lives to inspire, motivate and empower herself and other women all around the world.

Tewa Onasanya will be speaking on ‘The Importance of Restyling Your Mind for Success in Every Area’ at the conference.

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