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Patricia Dzifa Mensah-Larkai

Patricia Dzifa Mensah-Larkai

A communication & leadership coach.

Patricia Dzifa Mensah-Larkai is a communication & leadership coach, corporate trainer, public speaker and Mentor. In June 2017, she became the 1st Female Distinguished Toastmaster, in Ghana – having been a member since 2010. She holds an Executive MBA in Entrepreneurial Management, from the University of Ghana Business School – Legon.

Having worked over 16 years, across industries such as the Aviation, FMCG, and Finance; she has gathered varied experiences in Customer Relationship Management, Team-Building, Office Management, Goal-setting, Focused Time-Management, Interpersonal Communication and Effective Leadership, etc. – which are areas she loves to train people in and more.

She has also worked with a few International Diplomatic Missions in Ghana, including the US Embassy, New Zealand Special Representative’s office and supported the Australian High Commission during that that co-location period. She branched out in December, 2017, when NZ Special Rep’s office in Accra was closed – This led her to manage her own Company, while completing her final EMBA programme. She is the Founder and Lead Consultant, of Perissos Horizon – a Human Capital Development Company and Management Consultancy. She is passionate about empowering and building the capacities of individuals and organisations – through practical knowledge-sharing and continuous skills improvement that enhances their competencies to scale higher heights.

She is inspired by the ability to use effective communication and leadership skills, to achieve results. Patricia is motivated by the desire to scale higher heights and inspires others to pursue their highest potentials, in order to make a positive global impact. She serves as the current Programme Quality Director for Division G1 (All Ghana Clubs), within District 94 Toastmasters, for the period 2017-2018.

Patricia is the sponsor and Charter President of the Perissos Horizon Toastmasters Club, specially created for Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs & Professionals. It’s focused on guiding members to hone their public speaking, communication and leadership skills. She is the convenor of The Entrepreneurs’ Vista – a platform for knowledge-sharing and capacity-building for Entrepreneurs.


  • District 94 Toastmasters’ President Distinguished Area Award Recipient (2016-2017)
  • District 94 Area Director of the Year Award Recipient (2016-2017)
  • Triple Crown Awardee (2016-2017)

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