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Lilian Akuma

Lilian Akuma

Chief Physiotherapist, Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Yaba, Lagos

Lilian Akuma [BMR(PT), MSc(PT)], is a Chief Physiotherapist with the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Yaba, Lagos with over 10 years of experience in mental health and disability services. She holds a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and a master’s degree from the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

She is involved in various community activities and programmes that are centred on promoting mental health in women, especially mothers with special-needs children. She also volunteers as a physiotherapist with the Special Olympics of Nigeria.
She loves creating solutions for mental health and disability.

Lilian Akuma will be speaking on “Promoting Good Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being Among Women in Our Society”.

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