Pride Conference

Ifeoma Uddoh

Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Shecluded

Ifeoma Uddoh is a social entrepreneur and the founder of the first fintech for women in Nigeria – Shecluded. Growing up in a single-parent home after her dad died and her work experience in seed funding where women were notably absent made her passionate about creating a company that provides more female entrepreneurs with the capital and resources to grow.

Her career experience spans over a decade in strategy consulting, analytics and seed funding at PwC and IROKO Partners Ltd, among other notable companies.

Since its launch in 2019, Shecluded has become associated with the UK Tech Hub initiative (2020), and was one of thirteen companies selected for the NASDAQ Milestone Makers (2021) – a programme focused on reducing inequalities.

As a result of her hands-on experience with gender-lens financing, Ifeoma has been featured on several entrepreneurship panels and master classes hosted by First Bank, EDC, FinTech Asia, Global Entrepreneurship Week, John Hopkins University, Tekedia Institute, etc.

Ifeoma has a bachelor’s degree in industrial mathematics and a master’s degree in management science and operations research.

Ifeoma Uddoh will be speaking on “Owning Your Financial Journey”.

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