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Hajiya Aisha Babangida

Chairperson of the Better Life program for the African Rural Woman

Hajiya Aisha Babangida is the Chairperson of the Better Life program for the African Rural Woman, a nonprofit organisation founded by her late mother, Dr. Mrs. Maryam Babangida. Her vision is to empower and support the rural women of Africa, to give them a sense of purpose and development in their various communities. Hajiya Aisha Babangida has ensured that her mother’s Foundation set up during her tenure as the First Lady of Nigeria has been sustained and enhanced.

The Better Life programme have expanded to include following activities:

  • Scholarship programs for youths from Primary school to University level.
  • Finance of women cooperative societies and clusters involved in agro-processing such as groundnut and Shea butter value chain.
  • Empowerment of Rural Women through skill acquisitions and entrepreneurial trainings.
  • Rehabilitation of Prisons.
  • Provisions of relief materials to victims of disaster.
  • Youth empowerment programs.
  • Adult literacy programs for Rural Dwellers.
  • Empowerment of rural women through agriculture.

In order for her to carry out some of the above activities, Aisha Babangida has partnered with both local and global agencies such as: the Nigerian Infrastructural Advisory Facility, to enhance and safeguard the lives and future of the Rural Woman; the Clean Cook Stove Initiative, to reduce the incidences of illness, diseases and deaths associated with indoor air pollution through carbon emissions.

Aisha Babangida is Member of the Governing Council of University of Abuja, the Global Shea Alliances, Mentor, Mara Foundation and Director, North Link Insurance Company. She is also the founder of the newly established Egwafin Microfinance Bank, Suleja.

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