Pride Conference

Dr. Philomina Uyovirume Ofuafo (FRS)

Chairperson 2018 Pride Women Conference

Dr. Philomina Ofuafo is a lecturer in the Department of Creative Arts at the University of Lagos. An accomplished academic, Dr. Philomina holds a BA Hons from the University of Calabar, as well as an MA in African Studies and a PhD in Iconography/Symbolism both from the University of Ibadan. She is a member of various professional bodies, including the Academic Excellence Society of Nigeria, Society of Nigerian Artist, African Cultural Society of Arts, Religion in Society Research Network, International Society of Art, among others. She is also a Fellow of Society of Research Academics (FRS).

Dr. Ofuafo has held various positions in religious and pious Christian societies and organisations, including Coordinator of the Ikeja Deanery Catholic Women Organisation, Chairperson of the Laity council of Catholic Church of the Presentation, Secretary of St. Agnes Parish Catholic Women Organisation, and Secretary of St. Agnes Parish Laity Council. She is the current Assistant General Secretary of the Lagos Archdiocesan Catholic Women Organisation.

Dr. Ofuafo is also a writer and has contributed to several research papers.

Dr. Mrs. Philomina Ofuafo is married with children.

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