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Dr. Oluwatoyin ‘Bode-Abass

A medical doctor, author and public speaker.

Dr. Oluwatoyin ‘Bode-Abass is a medical doctor, author and public speaker. She studied Medicine and Surgery at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, where she finished top ten of her graduating class. Passionate about health promotion and disease prevention, a career in Integrative Medicine is a fit. She founded TBA Wellness Hub, an Integrative Health and Wellness consultancy where she empowers individuals to take a proactive approach to their health and nutrition. Her vision is to be the voice in the national discourse shaping the future of healthcare
in Nigeria. One that shifts the focus of health from curative (reactive) to preventive (proactive). She wrote the book “Wellness Found Me” to bring awareness to integrated, patient-centred, personalized, holistic health care.

Oluwatoyin is happily married to Dr ‘Bode Abass and they are blessed with an amazing son, Oluwalani. Realizing that they’ve had the weird privilege of knowing infertility intellectually and experientially after going childless for over 7 years, Oluwatoyin painstakingly shared their unique experience in her beautifully presented autobiography, “Range”. In their bid to support countless other couples on their journey through infertility and lend their voices in dispelling the stigma that surrounds infertility, surrogacy and adoption; Oluwatoyin and ‘Bode established Range Family and Fertility Foundation – a non-profit organization.

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