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Dr. (Mrs.) A. K. Oyekanmi

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Oyekanmi is currently the Chief Consultant Psychiatrist at Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Abeokuta (a WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Mental Health in Nigeria).

Dr Oyekanmi has over two decades of practice and experience in mental health care, and has conducted extensive works in women’s mental health, as well as workplace and performance impacting mental assets. She has attended and participated in several workshops and training in the field of psychiatry and community health care delivery.

She has also conducted extensive research and in-depth analytical studies in the field of child psycho-social and mental development, and is particularly experienced in child and adolescent life-course health development, associated psychopathologies, and overall mental health management, including preventive and curative interventions, early educational interventions, behavioural modifications, multidisciplinary therapeutic services, and outcome evaluations.

Dr Oyekanmi, over the years, has contributed to national mental health through several public education and enlightenment programmes, as well as publications, covering general mental health, women, children and adolescent mental health, and psycho-social issues.

She is the founder and coordinator of MentalForte, an organisation aimed at promoting mental health literacy and quality care delivery through various multidisciplinary intervention programmes, and – Nigeria’s first multilingual platform for mental health.

Dr Oyekanmi brings this wealth of knowledge to the bear in many of her public enlightenment and education interventions in the areas of character building, substance abuse, social media addiction, suicide and depression, memory optimization, resilience, mental executive functioning for maximum productivity, adaptive coping skills, stress management, cognitive restructuring, and preventive mental health interventions.

Dr Oyekanmi will be speaking on “Am I Going Mad? Maintaining Your Mental Health in the New Normal”.

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