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Dr. Adaora Dagogo

Adaora Precious Dagogo

Enthusiastic, Strategic, and Innovative Entrepreneur

Dr Adaora Precious Dagogo embodies the spirit of an enthusiastic, strategic, and innovative entrepreneur, and has an impressive track record of over a decade in various leadership and management roles. Her journey has been marked by pioneering multiple startups and making substantial contributions to the growth of organisations across diverse geographical landscapes, including Nigeria, Germany, Ukraine, the UK, and parts of Europe.

Adaora’s passion for launching initiatives from the ground up, combined with her unwavering commitment to excellence, consistently sets her apart in all her undertakings. This dedication has equipped her with a unique skill set, providing a sustained advantage when compared to her peers. Notably, she played a crucial role in establishing Onward Sports Management in the UK, contributing to its success by securing high-value contracts and implementing structural systems that continue to support its growth. Much more, under her leadership, she transformed an organisation with no initial presence in Europe into a thriving entity present in over 15 countries, all achieved within an impressive span of four years.

Presently serving as the Managing Director of Stechad Ltd., Adaora takes the helm of this rapidly advancing IT startup, driving expansive initiatives across Europe and Africa. Leading the IT outsourcing firm, which is registered in both the UK and Nigeria, she orchestrates the delivery of unmatched solutions to industry giants such as Shell, Johnson & Johnson, FedEx, Amazon, Salesforce, Hitachi, and others. Remarkably, within a span of three years, Adaora has propelled the company’s revenue from zero to six figures in USD, a testament of her and her team’s impactful initiatives at Stechad.

Adaora’s academic excellence is showcased through her attainment of a bachelor’s degree in general medicine and a master’s degree in public health from the University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg, Germany. Recognition as one of the best graduating students and presentations of scientific papers at international interdisciplinary conferences highlight her commitment to scholarly achievement. In addition, she has pursued courses in project management, leadership, business and more, underscoring her dedication to ongoing learning and professional development.

As a medical doctor navigating the intersection of medicine and engineering, Adaora seamlessly embraced technology, boldly affirming that “tech found me and not the other way around.” Despite her roots in medicine, Adaora has proactively pushed herself to acquire the technical skills essential for leading her IT startup company. She enrolled in computer networking courses like CompTIA+ and took on the role of a network engineer, receiving positive feedback from companies on her proficiency in the field. Viewing technology as the practical application of today’s science, she remains unwavering in her commitment to making a tremendous difference in the IT industry.

Adaora fervently advocates for the advancement of women in technology. She stands as a beacon of inspiration for young women, actively creating platforms for their growth and progression in the dynamic realm of technology. Going above and beyond in her leadership roles, she engages in hands-on approaches like mentoring and offering personalised support to women entering or advancing in the tech field. Additionally, she cultivates an inclusive environment, where diverse voices not only find a platform but are also celebrated within the teams she leads.

At present, Adaora leads a movement alongside her Stechad team, reaching out to numerous secondary school girls in Nigeria. The primary objective is to broaden their awareness of diverse IT career paths and future opportunities, provide education on digital literacy, and connect them with female IT role models. This initiative is a proactive step towards ensuring sustained and increased representation of women in the IT industry. Adaora’s devotion to empowering and building young people is also evident in her initiation and facilitation of leadership training programmes for young adults.

Recognised for her adeptness in active listening, strategic thinking, problem-solving, communication and meticulous attention to detail, she has earned widespread praise from her mentors, mentees, peers and colleagues. Her remarkable list of
accomplishments encompass numerous awards, and she has also solidified her standing as a seasoned speaker known for delivering insightful perspectives across diverse platforms.

As a valued board member in distinguished organisations across Europe and Africa, Adaora brings her rich expertise spanning leadership and management, public speaking, project management, data analysis, research, finance, and administration. She is also an active member of prominent networks such as Forbes BLK, Inclusive Leadership Network, Africa Women CEOs Network, Women in AI, and various other leadership communities, particularly those dedicated to fostering women’s empowerment.

Adaora Precious Dagogo will be speaking on “Empowering Women Leaders: Strategies for Creating Inclusive Workplaces, Navigating Workplace Harassment, and Championing Diversity” at the 2024 Pride Women Conference.

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