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Pride Women Conference 2017 work women and marriage in the 21st century, building a female brand, female empowerment and development in Nigeria, SDGs goal 5, sound mental health and well being among women in Nigeria, Adaobi Alex-Oni, Nelson Mandela Award

Adaobi Alex-Oni

Seasoned broadcaster, TV presenter and a women and children events planning Professional

Mrs. Adaobi Alex-Oni is a seasoned broadcaster, TV presenter and a women and children events planning Professional. She is a graduate of the University of Abuja and a M.Sc. Theater Arts graduate from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. She has spent the last decade of her professional management career pioneering and putting together special out door games and activities for the excitement of children at various private and corporate events. Through One Hundred Percent Nigeria Ltd, she pioneered the very first out door water game called “Water Walking Balls” and “Paddle Boats”.

As a seasoned media professional, Mrs. Alex-Oni has also had major partnerships and collaborations with various media outfits within and outside the country where she puts together numerous documentaries, video coverage’s, television and radio anchor presentations. She also pioneered the very first live musical TV program in Nigeria called “Juke Box” during her stint with Minaj Broadcasting Corporations between 2000-2003.

She is a vibrant entrepreneur who has turned a hobby of pancake making into a business were she has done well under the Startup Aquarium program initiative for MSME businesses called the Pancake Hub. She was recently awarded a certificate merit by Two Edge Partners Global Ltd for her outstanding success in the Startup Aquarium initiative.

Mrs. Adaobi Alex-Oni has a personality that is predisposed to challenges, creativity and likes to intellectually stimulate and engage brilliant people from all spheres of life. She is also the convener and initiator of the ROWEAD Project.

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