Pride Conference


My dear daughter,

How do you manage to balance your profession and your life?

Work-life balance is something we should all pay very close attention to. I have witnessed many people who in their youth did not realise that we must all strive to strike a reasoned balance between our work and our lives. So much so that they put in much effort in making a success of their careers whatever it took. But by the time they got to the pinnacle and looked to survey all they had conquered, they came to realise rather too late that it was a pyrrhic victory. Yes, they were successful, very successful, yet they felt empty. Regrets set in. They wished they had paid more attention to other things. Time with family, friends and relations. Time to just coast with life and enjoy living instead of concentrating all their efforts and energy to achieve the next material goal.

My beloved, try to be organised and prioritise all your activities. Once you have a clear picture of your priorities, your values and your goals, organise them until they slide into place. Simplify your life by setting priorities so that you do not mix the flowers with the weeds.

In life you need to define what is most important to you and dedicate your time to that. But that also means you must say no to things that are not important to you. That’s not going to go over well with everyone but you must do it in order to find your work-life balance.

In whatever challenges you may face as you chug along, I pray that life is kind to you my love.


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