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This is a 5-part series of articles written in a male column addressed to the sisters. The author sees it as a reverse way of talking to the brothers to mend their ways in matters concerning the heart where the sisters are concerned. This is the first part in the series.

My fellow men, I want to use our forum to let the women know some of the things that they can do to get us to dance to their tunes. I hope you will not call me names for giving out these pointers.

So ladies, if you are in a relationship with a man and you want him to more often than not dance to your tunes, here are some “tunes” you may choose play.

Respect his parents, particularly his mother. Most men love their mothers exceptionally. If you want him to do what you want, get along with his mother and you can play him for a fool if you so wish.
If you are a good cook and know how to prepare his favourite dishes, that is a big plus in getting him to do the cha-cha-chá or whatever “tune” you play for him.
Take care of your appearance. Men don’t appreciate women who let themselves go and appear dowdy. They want the woman in their life looking sharp and pretty.
Don’t make too many demands of your man. Men hate to think that you are only after them for their money and not for their person.
I know we live in a society where there is a belief in occult powers. Trying to use charms to get and hold your man is a one-way street to disaster. If he ever finds out that you charmed him or the charm wears off as they are wont to do, you are in big trouble.
Have something you are doing. Men like women that are gainfully employed.
Make him feel and know that you care for him – that he is really the love of your life.
Be well informed. Men love women they can hold meaningful discussions with, not just gossiping about one thing or the other.
Be comfortable in your own skin. Men love women who are confident and independent.
The way you dress is important to most men. Always be proper in your dress code. Your dressing can also be sexy, but it has to be decent and exude class.
Tell him every day that you love him. Always remind him so that you will always be on his mind and consciousness.
Now you have some of the pointers to help you twist your man round your little finger.

What is your opinion about this article? Do you agree with the tips or do you have some more tips to pass on? Please write to Man to Man via We are always glad to hear from you.

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