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Quite a good number of us have a sense of inadequacy – that feeling that we are “not good enough”. This sense of inadequacy has been the bane of many personal and business relationships. Many promising relationships are ruined because of one’s insecurity.

If you have ended relationships for fear that the other party is about to end it? If you have held back your true affection for fear of rebuff or rejection, you are suffering from a measure of insecurity and must take steps to be comfortable in your own skin. This will ensure that you live a full and fulfilled life. Truth be told, all of us desire to love and be loved. We all want and need the comfort and support of long-term relationships. Even more important, is that we strive to accept and love who we are, but also desire to improve and be better versions of ourselves, so that we are valuable members of our family and society, and make impactful contributions to our world.

Here are a few things you can do to overcome your insecurities and have self-confidence:

Accept yourself. Embrace who you are, including your imperfections. Your imperfections should be regarded as a challenge to overcome, not something that weighs you down.

Figure out the reason behind your insecurities. What are your worries and fears? What is holding you back from taking a leap? Take time to meditate and question yourself to understand the root of your problem, and what you need to do to overcome it.

Do not compare yourself to others. Everyone has struggles and triumphs, and we are all on different paths. Comparing yourself to others will only do you harm. Be happy for others, and revel in your own uniqueness.

Affirm the positive. Verbally affirm your desires, hopes, aspirations, wishes and dreams. The positive affirmations impel us to translate them into action.

Reflect on your successes. You have achieved and overcome more than you know. Look back and meditate on how far you have come. You are so much more than what your insecurities say you are.

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