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Have You Ever Had A #MeToo Encounter?

Do you know that at the dawn of each day, many women are sexually abused? The rate of abuse is high, alarming and very disturbing. Some of these women aren’t just sexually abused but are also abused physically and emotionally.

Leaving a lifelong scar, these women are daily reminded of their ordeal. Hunted by the memories, they blame themselves or replay the scenario attempting to find a loophole to prove that they should have acted differently. But in actuality, when it comes to sexual, physical and emotional abuse, the blame rests squarely with the abuser. A victim is a victim.

Women who are in abusive relationships – be it sexual, physical, verbal or emotional – need to summon the courage to put an end to such relationships. The trauma such relationships cause can wreak life-threatening havoc. It is reported that 40% of women who survive sexual abuse are likely to attempt committing suicide.

One of the speakers at the 2019 Pride Women Conference taking place on the 24th of May 2019 is Dr Timi Oyebode, an emotional intelligence and self-discovery expert, as well as a certified professional counsellor, focused on trauma, abuse, addiction, and sex recovery therapy for individuals and couples. At the conference, Dr Timi Oyebode will be speaking on “Breaking Through Trauma, Abuse and Addiction” to help those in abusive relationships or who have suffered any form of sexual assault or harassment deal with their experiences and get on with their lives.

We are also keen to hear from women who would like to share their experiences of how they’ve overcome sexual abuse. Delegates who wish to share their experiences at the conference should please contact the organisers via Following the presentation of Dr Timi Oyebode, five selected delegates will be given five minutes each to share their experiences with the audience.

If you’ve been sexually harassed or abused, you may require help to deal or cope with the trauma. We implore you to register to attend the 2019 Pride Women Conference at where we’ll address these issues and focus on resolving them because your emotional well-being is our goal.

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