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Dr. Yolanda George-David – the 2018 Vlisco Ambassador – is a human rights activist and humanitarian through her work as the Founder and Servant-in-Charge of Aunt Landa’s Bethel Foundation and as the convener of Aunt Landa Market Square. She is a neurosurgeon, had her primary residency in obstetrics and gynaecology, and clinical and relational psychologist with a concentration in child development. Dr. Yolanda is also an academic, multiple-award winning international public speaker and radio show host.

Dr. Yolanda began her charitable work at an early age, and she has since been very passionate about getting people off the streets and driven by a passion to change the world one person at a time. She founded Aunt Landa’s Bethel Foundation where over 25,000 sexually abused teenagers have been counselled and empowered with key vocational and life skills. She rescues prostitutes and sexually abused children for rehabilitation, fights for the oppressed, gives shelter to the abandoned, feeds thousands and covers educational and surgical fees, among other life-changing initiatives. Aunt Landa works with a team of passionate volunteers, and together they have helped redefine and add purpose to over one million registered and non-registered members with different needs in the Foundation’s over 200 centres.

Dr. Yolanda is the host of two radio shows on 92.3 Inspiration FM – Being Real with Aunt Landa and Sharing Life Issues Weekend Special with Aunt Landa.

Dr. Yolanda is a wife, mother and mentor to many. Her love for God is seen daily as she helps the heartbroken on and off the airwaves with her “special formula” – a pinch of care, a dash of love and a whole lot of God.

Dr. Yolanda will be speaking on “How to cope when life throws you a major curve ball” at the Pride Women Conference next month. The conference aims to outline strategic objectives and actions for the emotional and material wellbeing of the 21st century woman, her family and the society.

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