Pride Conference

I Survived:
Surmounting Assault
and Abuse

8th pride conference

The Pride Women Conference aims to outline strategic objectives and actions for the emotional and material wellbeing of the 21st century woman, her family and the society.


Hear stories and learn from those who are sharing ways they confronted and dealt with life's curve balls as they continue on their life's journey.

The conference is an interactive one where speakers and audience share their experiences in order to help the modern woman cope with the challenges of work, relationships and family in the 21st century.
Chief Mrs E. Jibunoh

Chief (Mrs) Elizabeth Jibunoh

Co-Founder, Didi Museum and Chairman, EJAF (Elizabeth Jibunoh Art Foundation)

Mrs Olubunmi Ojomu

Mrs Olubunmi Ojomu

Seasoned Finance Professional

Nneka Chris-Asuluka

Nneka Chris-Asoluka

Women and girl child’s rights advocate

Dr. (Mrs.) Margaret Ibru

Dr. (Mrs.) Margaret Ibru

Pharmacist and founder of S.T.&T. Regency Schools.

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